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The Value of Public Libraries @your Library

The value of a public library to its community, that is the return on investment, is difficult to measure in dollars and cents. However, public libraries have been working hard to do just that. In 2013, the Martin Prosperity Institute calculated a return of $5.63 on every $1 spent by the City of Toronto on its library. They further measured the value of a Toronto Public Library card at $502.

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport recently funded a process by the Ontario Library Service North and the NORDIK Institute called “Valuing Northern Libraries”, which guides public libraries through the measurement of their social return. The framework they use for valuing libraries describes them as community hubs that contribute to the community in seven key areas: cultural integrity and regional identity; social inclusion; cognitive and literacy; health and wellness; engaged citizens and safer communities; entertainment and enjoyment; and finally economic development.

In the assessment it is determined that public libraries contribute to identity formation and maintenance, foster social inclusion, level the economic playing field, play a critical role in formal and informal education, foster self-care and independence, strengthen community bonds, foster civic engagement, build relationships, provide cognitive and mental health benefits through entertainment and enjoyment, and aid in employment.

The third week of October each year celebrates Ontario Public Libraries. This year, let’s be sure to celebrate the value of the Bracebridge Public Library to our community.

October 15, 2018

By Ruth Holtz

Digital and Information Services Librarian

Bracebridge Public Library



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