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Purpose & Strategic Plan


The Bracebridge Public Library is an essential community hub providing everyone with materials and experiences that open minds, explore our world, inspire discovery, entertain and foster lifelong learning.

Motto: A lifelong passport to discovery.

Guiding Principles:

We respect the privacy, confidentiality, and diversity of all people and practise courtesy to all.

We strive to: provide free and equal access to library materials, programs and services; facilitate inclusion for all; meet high standards of professionalism and library services.

Learning and Literacy
We support lifelong learning and the achievement of literacy in all its forms.

Intellectual Freedom
We provide access to expressions of knowledge and creativity. We support the Canadian Library Association's position statement on intellectual freedom.

Preserving the Past
We believe it is important in our collections to preserve the human record.

Meeting the Future
We will respond to evolutions in knowledge, to technologies and to our changing society.

We will cultivate collaboration with individuals and groups in our local and wider communities.

We will act with integrity and practise responsible fiscal management and collection development.

Bracebridge Public Library COVID-19 Strategic Plan - January 2021 - December 2021

Received Library Board approval April 13, 2021. Copies are available in the Library.

Statement of Purpose:

The Bracebridge Public Library as an essential community hub will focus on goals that relate to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our staff and on our community by providing resources that meet the needs, interests and services in a wide variety of outreach and in person methods.


Goal #1: The Library as a Community Hub will:

  • 1.1 create and provide a wide variety of resources to the community exploring all options pandemic restrictions allow.
  • 1.2 ensure the Library is a welcoming place at the curbside pick-up and during restricted hours within the library.
  • 1.3 seek methods to ensure homebound patrons have access to obtain/return library resources.
  • 1.4 continue to ensure resources and programs for all age groups are available including the interlibrary loan option.

Goal #2: The Library as a Technological Hub will:

  • 2.1 provide experiences and access to materials both locally and with the broader external library community as a portal to literacy and life-long learning.
  • 2.2 seek to provide services to the public through seminars, lectures and other programs and including live on-line chats using a reliable and safe internet connection
  • 2.3 respond to constantly changing technology with updates to the Library website along with uploaded contents to websites and other internet connections including but not limited to, a wide variety of social media platforms.


Goal #3: The Library as a tool for advocacy through its board

The Library Board will:

  • 3.1 learn more about the many programs and services offered to the community by the Bracebridge Public Library as the global pandemic necessitates adaptation.
  • 3.2 actively engage in the programs and services offered through the Library utilizing many of the new technological innovations now offered.
  • 3.3 as appropriate, seek input from the staff on issues that will strengthen the Library’s place as a community hub in Bracebridge, building on the experiences of others continuing to serve during this pandemic.
  • 3.4 be ambassadors for the Bracebridge Public Library in the local community and beyond.