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Interlibrary loan


Information Network for Ontario (INFO) is the Interlibrary Loan resource-sharing network provided by Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service North.

With INFO you can...

  • Search over 170 libraries
  • Search any time of the day or night
  • Search from any Internet terminal
  • Search for materials not found in your library

As a member of the INFO Provincial Interlibrary Loan network, we can borrow materials from other libraries and have them delivered to the Bracebridge Public Library for your use.

Certain restrictions do apply.   Materials requested must be:

  • At least six months old
  • Not in high demand in other libraries
  • Not in fragile condition or rare
  • In agreement with the other libraries' policies
  • Not in e-book format

How do you place a request?

  • Place your request with the Reference Staff in person, by telephone 705-645-4171, or by email illo@bracebridgelibrary.ca,
  • Place your own Interlibrary Loan request through Patron Initiated Interlibrary Loan. You can place a request anywhere, any time. To set up your initial account click here

Search and Request Patron Initiated Interlibrary Loan


  1. 1. Sign-in
    • Go to the INFO link.
      Info Ontario
    • Click Sign In
    • Enter your User I. D. (assigned by the Bracebridge Library)
    • Enter your User Password (assigned by the Bracebridge Library)
    • Choose Bracebridge Public Library as your location from the Authentication Service menu.
  2. 2. Search
    • Select Standard or Advanced search
    • For your initial search profile, select SOLS York/Muskoka (shared)
    • Enter keywords and select Search!
  3. 3. Results
    • Click Details to find the item you want
    • Look for an ISBN in the record to speed your request
    • Click Get It!
    • Click Request
    • 4. Sign out of INFO Ontario Link

Your material has arrived

The library will notify you when:

  • Your item is ready for pick-up
  • If additional information is necessary to complete the request
  • If there are service charges for which approval is needed
  • If the request has been cancelled or is unavailable

Cancelling or Renewing a Request

Requests cannot be cancelled or renewed by the patron on-line.  Please contact the Bracebridge Public Library by phone or in person for renewals. To cancel your ILLO please email illo@bracebridgelibrary.ca.


View and print the comprehensive User Guide if needed.